Saturday, March 21, 2009


Tattoo? Everybody knows that tattoo is an method of getting inks in our skin or it subjects the persons personality, it is an art that can be done to anyone who does like piercing its body that linked to form an tattoo on our skin.

I know such person who have an tattoo, his skin is not even dark that his tattoo will be seen, he likes to inform anyone that he has a tattoo all over his body so that anyone who seen him would say that "wow your so macho!" he is proud of what he have done for his body and what he have done for his body tattoo...

Some people discriminate people who has tattoo, but for my opinion "Tattoo is an art" it gives color to body of a person or individual that has an tattoo.

Friday, March 20, 2009

College Course that suits for you

My course is Information Technology i'm already 3rd year incoming 4th year next semester. When i enrolled my course it took me a 3 days to know what course i should be taken for an 4 years of studying. I know how to use a computer and i don't know about any medicine that associates Medicine course, and i dont know how to calculate much algebra or theory or calculating any measurements that can be taught of an "engineer". Im basically familiarize of using a computer so i took up a 4 year course "Information Technology".

Anyone can took up there course that has to be suited for them, such as that course is there main exclusive skills that can be used when they finish there course. Course is not picking only a course or wasting there money. Course is the important thing to be used in the coming future of any individual person.
"Think twice or trice when choosing a course that suits or best for you".

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Field Trip

When i took my Field trip in Manila we look up every company that was we gonna be able to know.
All students that was there was fascinate about the procedure of any work in a company, we have only 4 days there , when we finish all of the company that we was to look up, all the students was excited because the next stop is to the "Mall of Asia" .

We go round and round, because the model of that mall is Circle and we use to go clothes, fashion shops. We play ice skating but not totally perfect because it was our first time to take ice skating =).

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Now a days computer is a very important thing.. It helps us in our daily life, computers can easily do difficult work into easy work... Many people uses a computer by form of playing games or online games, encoding, creating a project files or saving pictures, music, and video.. Many such things can be worked in a computer.. So what are you waiting for?? Buy now!!! hehehehe..

Importance of Water!

In my own experienced water is a very important to prevent a kidney stones, it can dissolved a stones on your kidney but not totally a bigger stone that is being formed in your kidney.....
My doctor told me to drink at least 3 liters of water everyday... I have proven for myself....

Water is important!!!!