Saturday, March 21, 2009


Tattoo? Everybody knows that tattoo is an method of getting inks in our skin or it subjects the persons personality, it is an art that can be done to anyone who does like piercing its body that linked to form an tattoo on our skin.

I know such person who have an tattoo, his skin is not even dark that his tattoo will be seen, he likes to inform anyone that he has a tattoo all over his body so that anyone who seen him would say that "wow your so macho!" he is proud of what he have done for his body and what he have done for his body tattoo...

Some people discriminate people who has tattoo, but for my opinion "Tattoo is an art" it gives color to body of a person or individual that has an tattoo.


  1. Hi Ash, thanks for stopping by at mine, you shoud check out the tattoos of Marc Jacobs.

    Real class.

  2. You should see the movie Tattoo with Bruce Dern.

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    You get higher on Google, if others link to your blog. I will trade links, if you desire.


  3. thanks im still a freshmen on blogging. renegade eye yes i'd like to... =)