Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Field Trip

When i took my Field trip in Manila we look up every company that was we gonna be able to know.
All students that was there was fascinate about the procedure of any work in a company, we have only 4 days there , when we finish all of the company that we was to look up, all the students was excited because the next stop is to the "Mall of Asia" .

We go round and round, because the model of that mall is Circle and we use to go clothes, fashion shops. We play ice skating but not totally perfect because it was our first time to take ice skating =).


  1. We have a Mall of America here in the states, but it's far from Oregon so we have never been there.

  2. Thats nice.. Mall of America? I would like to go there someday.
    Would you like to see our Mall here? =)